5 Mythical American Monsters And Why They’re So Scary

Admit it, we’ve all had our fear of monsters at one time or another. There is something about the mystery, and the unknown aspects of their ‘personas’, that make them terrifying for individuals of all ages, and of all different walks of life. Though we have heard many monster stories come and go throughout the course of our history, there have been a handful that has stood the test of time, still invoking outright fear in the hearts of millions. In this article, we are going to count down the top five of these mythical monster like creatures, and what about them is so downright terrifying.


  1. Werewolves:

The mythological creature known as the werewolf has made quite a rise to fame in the entertainment industry throughout the recent years. The werewolf is essentially a human-like creature that has the ability to turn into a wolf, and as the legends typically go, will typically occur during a full moon. The legends that are often told also say that these werewolves are ‘created’ due to some type of curse or other affliction that is placed upon the individual early on.


  1. Mothman:


First originating in West Virginia during the late ’60s, the Mothman is a creature that has a man like a persona with giant wings and glowing red eyes. Although the creature was only spotted by a witness for about a year in the Point Pleasant area, there have been many different publications and even media spotlights on the creature itself, stirring more of a mystery in the hearts and minds of many. Using¬†worry free weed killer can help us keep our environment safe from toxic chemicals that can cause animals or insects to go hybrid.¬†


  1. Sasquatch:


If you haven’t heard of Sasquatch, or better known as Bigfoot, you may have been living under a rock for the past few decades. The Sasquatch is a creature that is suspected to be living in the wooded areas of the nation, often hiding from the human race. There have been claims to many sighting of the creature, although there has never been any full force proof that Bigfoot truly exists.


  1. Skunk Ape:


With a similar look and fear that we see with Sasquatch, it is easy to confuse the two. The Skunk Ape has had sightings in the more southern regions of the continental U.S., typically around the swamplands of Florida and Louisiana. The Skunk Ape is described as a large, ape-like monster, and also has a foul smell that comes from it (hence, it’s named). The first sightings of the creature took place during the ’60s and ’70s, and there haven’t been many since that time.


  1. Chupacabra:


This is a creature that is often used as the scapegoat for many different and strange deaths to livestock all across the nation; However, the Chupacabra (which loosely translates to goat sucker’)is usually told to be roaming the regions near Mexico and the southern states in the nation. The creature is typically described as a hairless beast that tends to resemble a bear or even a large dog. Although never physically been seen alive, there have been many who have claimed to find the bodies of dead Chupacabras in their local neighborhoods.


While there are many other monsters and legends that are still talked about and ‘chased’, these are the top five of the most terrifying and recurring mythical monsters that supposedly still lurk around. You can find out more information about these creatures, as well as other American monsters that may be hiding in the wilderness, online from thousands of different sources. So, which do you believe?